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Hospitality Construction Financing

Looking for hospitality construction financing? As a real estate developer or investor, hotel owner, operator, or developer, you are looking for a commercial real estate lender that has the experience and knowledge of not just the development and construction, but on the people who make up the hospitality design, construction, and operations fields within. Our experience working with professionals who design, build, manage, and operate hotels, motels, and resorts enables us to thoroughly understand the process of hospitality construction and better serves your needs in obtaining the necessary financing. Our hospitality construction financing program provides funding from $700,000.00 to $800,000,000.00. Similar financing is readily available for term loans as well as acquisition and development loans. In most cases, for clients whose project requires capitalization of $5,000,000.00+, our term loan offers flexible funding as it is structured to permit capitalization of interest during the phase of construction and interest only during stabilization period.

For more information on our term loan or other types of loans that we may offer for your new hospitality construction projects, email or call us today. Our qualified and experienced commercial loan specialists have the means to obtain the necessary financing in a timely manner. APPLY NOW