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Apartment Construction Financing

Since 1977 , Ocean Pacific Capital has been in the forefront of the commercial mortgage industry, with loan officers highly specialized in the area of apartment construction financing.

A very competitive section of the market in commercial mortgages, apartment loans entail specific requirements from the lenders. Through us, we will ease this complex process in obtaining the finest apartment construction financing from a network of the most efficient, low-cost, and reliable lenders across the country. Our access to the best resources combined with our aggression and determination will ensure that the best loan will be offered for your needs.

Not just within the United States, but our apartment construction financing is for anyone around the world. Loan amounts can range from as low as $700,000.00 to as high as $800,000,000.00 for apartments. Debt coverage ratios for starting at 1.10 and up are available for interest-only and fixed rate programs.

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